Are you craving a conversation that’s real, deep and transformative? You’re in the right place.

The Bold Soul Salon is all about community, freedom, expression and growth.

This monthly moderated event is centered around a current, relevant concept integral to soulful living. It’s an intimate group, a powerful discussion, and timely topics.


It’s important to me because I feel called …

* to be the guide to your own true nature.

* to bring you to the place where the resources you have (or have access to) are the perfect match for the demands you face.

* to remind you of your ability to rise from the circumstances that feel impossibly heavy.


This event is for you if:

  • you seek non-judgmental support to give voice to what’s in your heart
  • you are interested in facilitated self-discovery through expression and community
  • you have questions about the practices and perspectives of parenting, partnering, money-making and soul-tending.


As an alternative to being everywhere, all the time, (which I’m still working on), I’m going virtual.

Stay tuned to be part of Soul Salon #1.

I hope this enhances and enriches your beautiful life. You deserve nothing less.