Have you realized that your life is not headed in the direction you thought it was?

Do you have a vision for the person you want to be, and the life you want to lead, but days (weeks… months…) pass without getting any closer to that dream?

Do you wish there was a RESET button?

It’s time to stop driving yourself, at top speed, toward a life you no longer want. It’s time for COURSE-CORRECTING: 30 Days to a Better Destination.

Planes… trains… boats… don’t move in straight lines. Neither do cars over significant distances. They spend most of the time slightly off course, while continuously engaging in a series of direction changes to get them to their desired destination.

Life is a lot like that. As a favorite teacher always used to tell me, “Every zig needs a zag.”

Please join me for a step-by-step re-orientation to your best life, where micro-movements produce significant shifts. Through a series of incremental adjustments, taken over 30 days, you can create magic.


“This experience could not have come at a more appropriate time in my life.  It allowed me to gain clarity on what’s going on and gave me insight to where I need to go and more importantly “let go”.  I truly appreciate you offering such a wonderful gift!”

Melissa V., Warren, N.J.



Begin anytime and continue for 30 days. You receive a bite-sized lesson every day – delivered via email. Each lesson is thoughtful, practical, and customizable for your particular needs.

During our month together, you will…

  • Better understand the deeper meaning of life’s winding journey
  • Discover the gifts and blessings in the detours
  • Receive an arsenal of practices to tune your awareness, align your actions and keep moving forward
  • Practice with an experienced guide, in a supportive community
  • Create freedom where there was restraint
  • Create ease where there was struggle
  • Create grace where there was suffering
  • Create movement where there was inertia



Who am I, you might ask?

I am a soulful guide and irreverent strategist, using spiritual psychology to sprinkle the sacred into our very human lives. My gift is to expose the small shifts that align a path with a destination. I am dedicated to revealing what has been concealed so that the next step comes more easily. By taking the veils off your own self-awareness, the path comes into better focus.


It can be incredibly easy to get stuck in patterns that keep you separated from your destination. You become like the car with an outdated GPS that can’t navigate around an obstacle. You can think of this course as a software upgrade for your navigation system.

It’s a full month of…

  • Tiny habit shifts that keep you dancing with whatever the Universe brings your way
  • Daily reminders to flex your awareness muscle
  • Audio meditations for complete immersion
  • Weekly calls to ask for help, share your experience, and connect with community
  • A comprehensive (and beautiful!) workbook to reinforce the teachings, capture your thoughts and track progress
  • Daily prizes (yay!) for engagement

Life isn’t always about the perfect path or getting it right. It’s about the moment-to-moment choices we make, and how they add up over time. It’s what you would do to navigate around a road closure or traffic jam. It’s an opportunity for COURSE-CORRECTING.

The good news…

THE LIFE YOU ENVISION IS AVAILABLE TO YOU. In one month, you can travel a significant distance away from what is keeping you stuck. Or grumpy. Or both. And towards a way of being that feels just right.


“I have been following Pascale’s insightful blog for years, read her recently published novel, and just finished her COURSE-CORRECTING: 30 Days to a Better Destination program. The program was perfect – small bite size ‘exercises’ and insights that I easily incorporated into my morning routine to start my day right. Pascale is a wonderful guide and provides a lovely support system for any personal growth exploration. I highly recommend her!”

Micole L., Basking Ridge, NJ


Propelled by what came before.
Magnetized by what lies ahead.
Agile around whatever arises.

That’s the magic formula for COURSE-CORRECTING.

Sign up below. You’re 30 days away from what you seek.